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Red Décor 2.0

Hibiscus and ginger infused Lucifer’s Gold Whisky shaken with sweet & sour

The Red Décor cocktail is a visually appealing and flavourful creation. Here's a breakdown of its key components:

Base Spirit

The base spirit used in this cocktail is Bourbon Whiskey infused with ginger and hibiscus. This infusion likely imparts a unique flavour profile to the cocktail.

Tasting Notes

The cocktail offers a subtle sweet and sour taste with hints of spicy ginger in the aftertaste. This suggests a well-balanced combination of flavours with a touch of heat from the ginger.


The Red Décor is garnished with powdered dry hibiscus and grated nutmeg on top. This garnish not only adds visual appeal but also enhances the aroma and taste of the cocktail.


The cocktail is shaken, indicating a vigorous mixing technique. Shaking helps to combine the ingredients thoroughly and creates a frothy texture, especially when egg white is included.


The cocktail incorporates botanicals such as Egyptian dry hibiscus, ginger, and nutmeg. These ingredients contribute to the cocktail's unique flavour profile, with hibiscus providing a floral note and ginger adding spiciness.

Mixology Composition

Described as "Floral/Spice" and an "art form designed," this suggests that the Red Décor is a well-crafted cocktail that balances floral and spicy elements. The presentation and flavour are both carefully considered.

Overall, the Red Décor cocktail is a delightful blend of bourbon whiskey infused with hibiscus and ginger, offering a unique combination of sweet, sour, floral, and spicy flavours. Its elegant garnish and shaken presentation make it a visually appealing choice for those seeking a well-balanced and creative cocktail experience.

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