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Silver Sheet Martini

Gin with kewra water stirred with ice and served with silver sheet and saffron strands

The Silver Sheet Martini reinvents the classic with a touch of kewra water, imparting a delightful aroma and distinct flavor profile. Topped with silver vark and saffron, it boasts an elevated presentation that enhances the drinking experience. Here's a breakdown of its key components:

Base Spirits

The base spirit used in this cocktail is Gin.

Tasting Notes

The cocktail presents tasting notes of rich rose with saffron aftertaste.


The cocktail is garnished with silver vark and saffron threads.


Cocktail is stirred with ice to chill & dilute helps maintaining its clarity & texture for better mouthfeel.


The Primary botanicals: kewra water & saffron, enhancing richness and aroma of the cocktail.

Mixology Composition

Described as an "art form designed," the inclusion of kewra water and saffron reflects a creative and artistic approach to mixology. These exotic ingredients are meticulously curated, infusing the cocktail with an unparalleled depth of flavor and elevating the drinking experience to a form of sensory artistry.

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