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Popular LIIT

Infused gin with saffron cranberry and lemon peel paired with four white spirits and topped with lemonade

The "Popular LIIT" (Long Island Iced Tea) is a flavourful and refreshing cocktail, available in both regular and pitcher sizes. Here's a breakdown of its key components:

Base Spirits

The cocktail features infused gin with saffron, cranberry, and lemon peel, combined with four white spirits (typically referring to vodka, rum, tequila, and gin) and topped with lemonade.

Tasting Notes

The cocktail offers tasting notes of sweet cranberry aroma with a punch of lemon zest, suggesting a well-balanced blend of fruity and citrusy flavours.


The Popular LIIT is garnished with dry cranberries, enhancing the presentation and adding a touch of fruitiness to the drink.


The cocktail is served over ice, which helps keep the drink cold and provides a refreshing chill.


The primary botanicals used in this cocktail are cranberry and lemon zest, contributing to its fruity and citrusy flavour profile.

Mixology Composition

Described as an "art form designed," the Popular LIIT suggests a creative and artistic approach to mixology, with a focus on presentation and flavour balance.

Overall, the Popular LIIT is a crowd-pleasing cocktail known for its combination of various white spirits and citrusy flavours. Whether served in a regular glass or a pitcher, it's a popular choice for those looking for a refreshing and well-balanced mixed drink with a delightful fruitiness and punch of citrus zest.

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